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Donor Compensation and Expenses

1. Egg Donor Fees

At Cori's, Inc., we understand that the egg donation process involves a significant amount of time and effort on the part of donors. Therefore, we believe that women who are willing to help others by becoming an egg donor should be adequately compensated for their time. We also understand that egg donation is a wonderful opportunity for women to help others have a family which they could not otherwise have without the assistance of an egg donor. While monetary compensation is an important part of the egg donation process, we recognize that there is the additional reward knowing that you have helped change another person's life by assisting them with the creation of their family.

Our agency has agreed to abide by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine ("ASRM") Guidelines
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These guidelines state that "sums of $5,000 or more require justification and sums above $10,000 go beyond what is appropriate". As such donors in our program are required to set their requested fee within these guidelines.

Also, please note that you will not be reimbursed for any lost wages as the donor fee is intended to compensate donors for their time and effort in attending the medical appointments.

During your phone interview, we will review your requested compensation amount and answer any questions that you may have. If you would like to discuss the issue of compensation before completing the application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2. Expenses

In addition to your fee, you will be reimbursed for the following expenses:

Local Donors - If you live within driving distance to the IVF Clinic, you will be reimbursed for:

- Mileage at the current IRS Mileage Rate;
- Parking;
- Tolls;
- Out-of-pocket costs for medications; and
- Child-Care costs for attending appointments.

Out of Area Donors - If you do not live within driving distance to the IVF Clinic, you will be reimbursed for:

- All of the expenses listed above for Local Donors;

- Airfare for you for the screening appointment and for you and a companion for the retrieval procedure;

- Hotel for the screening appointment and retrieval procedure;

- Local transportation (compact rental car, taxis, etc.) to and from your local airport and to and from the airport near the IVF Clinic;

- Parking at your local airport; and

- Per day meal allowance, including travel days.

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