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Estimated Fees (Egg Donor Cycle)

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This section provides an outline of the estimated expenses the typical couple, using an egg donor, will face. This list shows total overall expenses including medical expenses such as donor medications, the donors retrieval procedure, etc. The list below does NOT include the cost of the recipient (Intended Parent or Surrogate's) IVF cycle. The estimated expenses below reflects only the egg donor portion of the process.

 Egg Donor Agency & Legal Fees   $5,550
 Cori's Retainer Fee-(This is the only fee we charge for our service. Other expenses listed below are for attorneys, donor testing, donor travel, donors compensation, etc. and are expenses you would face regardless of what agency you work with.) $4,000
 Intended Parents Attorney-(Fees vary from one attorney to another. We will provide information on available attorneys, including their fees, and you choose which attorney you want to work with.) $750
 Donor Attorney-(to review contract with donor prior to signing) $400
 Trust Account Fee (depending on the agency) $400
 Donor's Fees & Expenses   $6,000
 Donor's Fee - (First time donor will ask $5,000 typically. Experienced/proven donors will ask between $6000 to $9000. We will confirm the fee donor is asking prior to your selection of any donor. Keep in mind an experienced donor will already have had much of her testing completed, thereby saving a lot of testing expense.) $5,000
 Donor Insurance (This policy covers the donor should she suffer any complications as a result of the procedure.) $500
 Donor Travel (Local donors) (A local donor (a donor who lives within an hour of your clinic) will only require reimbursement of mileage for her driving to your clinic for visits. Donors who live several hours from the clinic or out of state will have higher travel expenses as they may require a hotel room, meals, mileage and or rental car, gas for rental car, etc. Typical expense for a local donor tends to be approx.$500. Out of state donors travel will cost approx. $3000, depending on what state she is in and the associated air fare, how many trips your clinic requires her to make,etc. $500
 Medical Expenses   $18,550
 Donor Screening Fee's- (pap, office visit, ultra sound, blood) $1,500
 Donor Psychological Evaluation $500
 Donor Genetic Screening $50
 Medical Costs of IVF cycle, including medications (The costs of the IVF cycle can vary. The amount listed is only an estimate of the total cost of the IVF cycle and medications. Please consult your clinic for an accurate quote.) $15,000
 Donor Monitoring-(If donor lives within an hour of your clinic, your clinic will perform all monitoring and the cost of this will be included in the fee they charge you. If you select a donor more than an hour from your clinic or who lives out of state, we will arrange for a clinic close to the donor to perform a few of early monitoring appointments. This minimizes the amount of time she must remain near your clinic, thereby minimizing your travel expenses and the time she must miss from work or school. $1,500
TOTAL COST - Total Estimated Fees for Egg Donor Cycle $15,000 - $45,000

Please consult your clinic for an accurate quote on medical expenses including procedure, testing and medications. The above figures are estimates only. We are happy to go over every financial scenario with any particular donor or surrogate of interest to you so as to avoid any financial surprises.

Timing of Payments

Once you have selected a donor and she has committed to working with you, we will email you a donor match confirmation packet. That packet will include an invoice outlining the fees and expenses for your match. You will be required to sign the Egg Donation Service Agreement. You also will be referred to a law firm to represent you in the egg donor contract between you and your donor. In order to secure your match, you will need to:

- Sign and return the Egg Donation Service Agreement
- Sign and return the Agreement for Legal Services
- Pay the Agency fee ($4,000), Legal Fees for Intended Parents ($750) and Trust Account Management Fee ($400)

Total $5,150

- Provide an Initial Trust Account Deposit of $1,500

(The initial deposit will be used to pay the donor's attorney fee of $400 and to cover any expenses incurred by the donor prior to the trust account being fully funded. The $1,500 will be applied toward the total amount that will be needed to cover the donor's fee and expenses.)

Within a few weeks after we receive your paperwork and payment, you will receive the first draft of the Egg Donor Agreement. You will be asked to fund the remainder of the trust account to cover the donor's fee and expenses when you return the signed Egg Donor Agreement. Your donor cycle will not begin until all of the paperwork is received and the trust account has been fully funded.

If your transfer takes place, but the cycle is not successful, we will waive our agency fee and continue to "match" you with donors until you become pregnant or choose not to continue with us. The donor fees and legal fees will still apply, as well as a small administrative fee and actual screening costs (if applicable) if a third or further donor/match is necessary.

If the donor fails any screening or the cycle is cancelled for any reason prior to retrieval, the full agency fee will be applied to a subsequent Cori's donor cycle with a different donor (we will assist you in finding the substitute donor). If you do not wish to choose a replacement donor with Cori's, we will refund you 50% of the agency fee, provided the donor has not begun injectable medications at the time of cancellation.

Fees for any services that have already been rendered to the donor are nonrefundable. If medication has not been started, 100% of the donor fee is refundable or transferable to another donor.

Costs are estimates and are subject to change. Cori's can only offer approximate estimates of the costs associated with an egg donation cycle. Actual costs incurred by your cycle might differ from this expense summary.

Refund Policy. All agency fees are non-refundable.

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