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Meyers & O'Hara, LLP
LORI MEYERS and MILENA O'HARA have experience handling hundreds of surrogacy and egg donor matters, involving a variety of genetic arrangements, agencies and medical facilities. Today's technology has advanced to an extremely high level, with success rates higher and more encouraging than ever. Our expertise with respect to the intricate nature of in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, donor egg and sperm, and embryo adoption technologies has been relied upon by countless couples to understand their legal rights and obligation as medical procedures begin. A major factor in the success of reproductive law arrangements is a strong legal contract outlining these legal rights so that all parties can rely on each others' commitments and parental rights may be finalized well in advance of the birth of a child. It is important to us that all parties feel positive about the agreements they sign and the babies they are working hard to create.

National Fertility Law Center
If you're planning to become a parent through surrogacy, egg donation, embryo donation, sperm donation, or a co-parenting adoption or agreement, the National Fertility Law Center can help you. We provide the specialized legal services needed to give you all legal rights to your baby while protecting your privacy.

Stephanie M. Caballero, Attorney At Law
Stephanie M. Caballero has eight years of infertility treatment experience having endured more than 10 artificial insemination procedures, three surgeries, three miscarriages, and 13 IVF procedures to finally realize her dream when a surrogate carried her twins. Stephanie also had to adopt her twins because the state where they born did not recognize surrogacy. Stephanie has been licensed to practice law since 2003 and has represented thousands of Intended Parents, Surrogates and Donors from all over the world through Surrogacy, Egg Donation, Sperm Donation, and Embryo Donation. Stephanie specializes exclusively in Family Formation and Reproductive Law and has appeared on various programs and print media including NPR, Fox News, The Los Angeles Times, The Union Tribune and the L.A. Daily Journal. Stephanie is also a member of Resolve, American Fertility Association, American Bar Association, American Society of Reproductive Medicine, the San Diego Bar Association and the Lawyers Club of San Diego.

Steven W. Lazarus Attorney at Law
Steven's practice is limited solely to that which he cherishes - helping form families. Steven provides knowledgeable and compassionate services in both assisted reproduction law and adoption law, with extensive experience handling all types of assisted reproduction and adoption matters. Steven's clients consist of intended parents, surrogates, egg donors, embryo donors, sperm donors, adoptive parents, and birth parents. He handles hundreds of family formation matters per year. Steven takes great pride in his work, makes himself readily accessible, and performs all services with great attention to detail and the highest degree of ethics.

HRC Fertility
HRC Fertility (formerly Huntington Reproductive Center) has locations throughout Southern California. Since 1988, HRC has focused on introducing and perfecting new procedures and techniques that are on the cutting edge of reproductive technology. HRC is one of the largest providers of advanced reproductive care in the United States and has become nationally and internationally recognized for its research and successful reproductive techniques. HRC physicians are committed to providing the highest level of care in a considerate, compassionate and cost-effective manner in partnership with their patients.

Reproductive Partners Medical Group
Reproductive Partners - UC San Diego Regional Fertility Center is a center of excellence in In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and in helping couples achieve their dream of having a baby. Personalized treatment plans and open communication create an warm environment which produces top success rates.

San Diego Fertility Center
the San Diego Fertility Center, one of the most successful fertility clinics in San Diego, California. Over fifteen years ago when our fertility doctors, Dr. William P. Hummel and Dr. L. Michael Kettel of the San Diego Fertility Center began their careers in helping couples with infertility, they knew that the decision to proceed with fertility diagnosis and treatment of infertility would be one of the biggest challenges a couple could face.

The Reproductive Sciences Center
The Reproductive Science Center, located in La Jolla, California, is recognized as one of the leading fertility centers in the United States. It has a tradition of excellance and innovation in the area of the Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), but most importantly it has a reputation for providing an unsurpassed level of service to those who dream of having a child.

West Coast Fertility Centers
At West Coast Fertility Centers, we have not forgotten the human touch, which is so vital to your successful treatment. Our staff of nurses, scientists, medical assistants, and counselors will guide you each step of the way with a level of confidence and concern our patients and referring doctors have learned to expect from West Coast Fertility Centers. Compassionate care is our commitment to you.

Acupuncture Fertility Center
Whether you are planning to conceive, Preparing for a new baby on the way, Or have recently had a baby, Acupuncture can increase the overall health and well being of you, Your partner and you child.

Advanced Reproductive Care
Advanced Reproductive Care offers hassle-free financing that makes leading-edge ferility treatment more affordable with very manageable monthly payments.

Fertility Plus
FertilityPlus is a non-profit website for patient information on trying to conceive. We are not professionals, but rather are providing information that is written by patients for patients.

Freedom Fertility Pharmacy
Our 30-plus year history as a leader in women's health and specialty pharmacy means experience you can trust. At Freedom Fertility Pharmacy, we're committed to superior service, savings and support for all of our customers.

IntegraMed America - The Fertility Company
IntegraMed America, Inc. provides services to medical practices that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. These services include finance, administration, information systems, marketing and research. We also sell pharmaceutical products and offer treatment-financing programs for patients.

MicroSort Sperm Separation
Sperm Sorting (Gender Selection)for Provention of X-Linked Diseases and for Family Balancing.

1. New Life Agency, Inc
New Life Agency is a full-service Insurance Agency specializing exclusively in providing insurance coverage for intended parents, surrogates, egg donors and assisted reproduction professionals. We offer a wide range of coverage options specifically developed for a surrogate pregnancy and/or an IVF pregnancy and complications that may arise during the IVF synchronization cycle with you, or the egg donor and surrogate.

2. Brown and Brown Insurance
We help donors, recipients, and physicians reduce their risks… Brown & Brown is one of the largest insurance brokers in the world yet one of the very few that specializes in serving those involved with the reproductive medical and infertility treatment process. Our company’s Fertility Insurance Program® is the leading worldwide provider of such insurance to individuals, physicians, clinics, and agencies participating in the human egg donation, gestational carrier (surrogate mother), and in-vitro fertilization process.

Health insurance policies often exclude maternity medical coverage for gestational surrogates. Intended Parents by virtue of contract law are financially responsible for the medical expenses of their Surrogates’ pregnancy and childbirth. By purchasing the Beitler Services Surrogacy Medical Expense Liability Insurance Plan, Intended Parents obtain the administrative services and insurance coverage to effectively manage their Surrogate’s maternity and childbirth medical expenses; eliminating any issue or concern if insurance covers or excludes Gestational Surrogacy.

4. Teague Insurance Agency, Inc
As an independent insurance agency, our goal is to assist you in all your insurance needs. We will help you manage and plan for all your potential risks. As professionals, we assess your needs and offer you a variety of insurance products to choose from. Service, whether it is in response to an insurance claim or general question, is the most important value we offer you. We work hard to build a trusted relationship with our customers. We strive to make you feel both comfortable with and confident in our abilities by acting as your consultant. We want you to have the confidence in us that your parents may have had and that your children will have. We are an organization dedicated to our customers. We seek out the best companies that offer the appropriate coverages at a fair price.

News & Media
American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)
ASRM is a multidisciplinary organization for the advancement of the art, science, and practice of reproductive medicine. The Society accomplishes its mission through the pursuit of excellence in education and research and through advocacy on behalf of patients, physicians, and affiliated health care providers.

CDC's Reproductive Health Information Source
The National Center for Chronic Disease Provention and Health Promotion in the Area of Reproductive Health.

Conceiving Concepts, Inc.
Conceiving Concepts is the first company of its kind that provides fertility information support and products in one place.

Egg Retrieval
What to expect during Egg Retrieval

The American Infertility Association
The American Infertility Association is a National Non-Profit Organization dedicatied to assisting women and men facing decisions relatated to family building and reproductive health - from provention and treatment of infertility to social and psychological concerns.

Other Resources
3D & 4D Ultrasounds
We named our business “The Ultrasound Experience,” because we believe the quality of your experience is just as important as the quality of the memories and media you take home. Here, it is all about you, your family and your first incredible encounter with your unborn child.

Breastfeeding information
How wonderful for you and your new baby that you want to breastfeed. You can read stories from mothers who have breastfed their adopted babies.

C-Section Recovery:
The goal of this site is give you the information to help women recover as quickly and comfortably as possible from cesarean sections

Free IVF was created to assist the infertility community with an affordable choice for reproduction. Our goal is to relieve the financial factors of infertility by financially assisting individuals with the cost of in vitro fertilization to achieve conception. In addition, it is our mission to fight for the reproductive rights of the infertility community.

Infertility Financing Programs
Contact Information:, Corporate Office: 888-990-2727.

Pregnancy and Parenting Resource
We also hope you'll visit our parent site, for the latest in pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, parenting and more!

Premium Birth Services
Our names are Deanna Barberino from and Catherine Parker from We have always had a dream of having a pregnancy based center where women and their families could come to and have all of their needs met under one roof.

1. Sylvia Marnella, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist
Providing Psychological Services for Prospective Parents, Egg Donors, Sperm Donors, Surrogates, Surrogacy & Donor Agencies, & Physicians.

2. Karen I. Hall, Ph.D. Center for Infertility Counseling and Support
Dr. Karen Hall is a California licensed psychologist with a specialty in third party family-building and infertility counseling. As a clinical consultant and founder of the Center for Infertility Counseling and Support, Dr. Hall meets with individuals and couples interested in third party reproduction. She also evaluates and works with potential egg donors and surrogate mothers as well as couples and individuals struggling with all dimensions of infertility.

3. Marcos Gonzales, MS, CGC, OriGens Genetic Consulting
With each new genetic discovery the need for trained professionals who integrate genetic test results with your health care continues to grow. OriGens Genetic Consulting can provide the necessary insight into genetic tests, and describe how results impact you. We are specialists in the field of medical genetics with unique training in the recognition of heritable disease. Whether you are starting a family, interested in the impact of a relative's recent diagnosis, or interested in the latest genetic testing options, OriGens is your knowledgeable starting point.

Support Groups
Fertility Plus
FertilityPlus is a non-profit website for patient information on trying to conceive. We are not professionals, but rather are providing information that is written by patients for patients.

Missing Grace Organization
The Missing GRACE Organization provides support, and resources, for people who are faced with the difficult life issues of infertility, infant loss from conception to the first year of life, and adoption.

MVED · Mothers Via Egg Donation
the Mothers Via Egg Donation Yahoo group a support forum only open to women and their partners who have been, or are attempting to become, mothers through egg donation. Because this is a closed forum, members can communicate freely and openly with each other without the worry of unwanted visitors.

The Organization of Parents Through Surrogacy is a national surrogacy support organization for both couples through surrogacy as well as surrogate mothers. We are the country's oldest and only non-profit support group for surrogacy, offering information, networking, support and advocacy in your state. Person-to-person contact with experienced parents and surrogates is yours with a membership. So is online support through our Listserv, a packet of newsletters, our resource guides, book lists, regional meetings, legislative information and advocacy in your state. Join the hundreds of successful families that belong to OPTS.

Pop Luck Club
The Pop Luck Club is a Los Angeles-based organization of gay dads that is the largest known gay fathers organization in the world, with hundreds of families and continued strong growth. Its mission is to advance the well-being of gay prospective parents, gay parents, and their children. We do this through mutual support, community collaboration, and public understanding.

The mission of Resolve is to provide timely, compassionate support and information to people who are experiencing infertility and to increase awareness of infertility issues through prblic education and advocacy.

The American Surrogacy Center inc.
Legal. Medical. Psychological. Personal. Agencies. Directories of Surrogacy Providers. Message Boards. Classified Ads. E-mail Discussion and On-line Support Groups you can join. Hear from surrogate mothers, intended parents, egg donors, and leading experts in the field. Share their experiences and expertise. Explore this growing family-building option and alternative to adoption for couples experiencing infertility.


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