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1. New Life Agency, Inc
New Life Agency is a full-service Insurance Agency specializing exclusively in providing insurance coverage for intended parents, surrogates, egg donors and assisted reproduction professionals. We offer a wide range of coverage options specifically developed for a surrogate pregnancy and/or an IVF pregnancy and complications that may arise during the IVF synchronization cycle with you, or the egg donor and surrogate.

2. Brown and Brown Insurance
We help donors, recipients, and physicians reduce their risks… Brown & Brown is one of the largest insurance brokers in the world yet one of the very few that specializes in serving those involved with the reproductive medical and infertility treatment process. Our company’s Fertility Insurance Program® is the leading worldwide provider of such insurance to individuals, physicians, clinics, and agencies participating in the human egg donation, gestational carrier (surrogate mother), and in-vitro fertilization process.

Health insurance policies often exclude maternity medical coverage for gestational surrogates. Intended Parents by virtue of contract law are financially responsible for the medical expenses of their Surrogates’ pregnancy and childbirth. By purchasing the Beitler Services Surrogacy Medical Expense Liability Insurance Plan, Intended Parents obtain the administrative services and insurance coverage to effectively manage their Surrogate’s maternity and childbirth medical expenses; eliminating any issue or concern if insurance covers or excludes Gestational Surrogacy.

4. Teague Insurance Agency, Inc
As an independent insurance agency, our goal is to assist you in all your insurance needs. We will help you manage and plan for all your potential risks. As professionals, we assess your needs and offer you a variety of insurance products to choose from. Service, whether it is in response to an insurance claim or general question, is the most important value we offer you. We work hard to build a trusted relationship with our customers. We strive to make you feel both comfortable with and confident in our abilities by acting as your consultant. We want you to have the confidence in us that your parents may have had and that your children will have. We are an organization dedicated to our customers. We seek out the best companies that offer the appropriate coverages at a fair price.


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