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3D & 4D Ultrasounds
We named our business “The Ultrasound Experience,” because we believe the quality of your experience is just as important as the quality of the memories and media you take home. Here, it is all about you, your family and your first incredible encounter with your unborn child.

Breastfeeding information
How wonderful for you and your new baby that you want to breastfeed. You can read stories from mothers who have breastfed their adopted babies.

C-Section Recovery:
The goal of this site is give you the information to help women recover as quickly and comfortably as possible from cesarean sections

Free IVF was created to assist the infertility community with an affordable choice for reproduction. Our goal is to relieve the financial factors of infertility by financially assisting individuals with the cost of in vitro fertilization to achieve conception. In addition, it is our mission to fight for the reproductive rights of the infertility community.

Infertility Financing Programs
Contact Information:, Corporate Office: 888-990-2727.

Pregnancy and Parenting Resource
We also hope you'll visit our parent site, for the latest in pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, parenting and more!

Premium Birth Services
Our names are Deanna Barberino from and Catherine Parker from We have always had a dream of having a pregnancy based center where women and their families could come to and have all of their needs met under one roof.


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