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Estimated Fees (Surrogate Cycle)

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This section provides an outline of the total estimated expenses the typical couple, using a surrogate, will face. This list shows total overall estimated expenses including medical expenses such as surrogate medications, the surrogate IVF procedure, etc. This list does not include the cost of the Egg donor cycle. If you are working with an egg donor, please see the page titled "Estimated Fee's (Egg Donor Cycle) under the Egg Donor section.

The range of fees set forth below is quite broad. However, you will know most of the fees and expenses sought by a particular Surrogate when you review her profile. Precise fees and expenses will be negotiated in the Gestational Surrogate Agreement that you will enter with the Surrogate. Aside from our agency fee, the expenses listed below are expenses you are likely to face regardless of what agency you work with.

 Surrogate Agency Fee   $18,000
 Cori's Retainer Fee-(due in full to begin process with our agency) $9,000
 Surrogate Related Screening Costs   $3,600
 Psychological Screening Fee (Surrogate & Intended Parents) includes MMPI, EQI and Beck Depression Inventory $1,000
 Criminal History Inquiry Fees (Surrogate) $100
 Medical Screening Fee (Surrogate) includes blood screening, physical exam, pap, ultrasound) $2,500
 Surrogate Compensation and Other Surrogate Expenses   $25,900
 Surrogate's fee (first time surrogate) $22,000
 Surrogate's IVF transfer fee (for completion of each embryo transfer procedure) $500
 Surrogate's Injectable Medication Start Fee $500
 Surrogate's maternity clothing allowance $500
 Surrogate's monthly allowance once matched- in lieu of itemized costs ($200 per month estimated for 12 months) $2,400
 Surrogate Related Legal Fees,
Expenses and Finalization of Parental Rights
 Attorney Fee-(Surrogate) $700
 Intended Parent(s)' attorney's fees for drafting of Surrogate Contract $2,500
 Trust account Management Fee $500
 Intended Parent's & Surrogates Attorney Fee for Parental Establishment $4,000
 Medical Expenses
(dependent upon selected medical facility)
 Professional medical fees and hospital/lab charges for initial fresh embryo cycle (including anesthesia and cryopreservation) $12,000
 Medications for Surrogate - IVF cycle (per cycle estimate, Surrogate only) $4,000
 Monitoring for Surrogate through 12 weeks gestational (paid to IVF clinic) $500
 Intended Parent(s) medical screening and semen analysis (per person) $2,000
 Insurance Expenses
(to be paid directly to insurance agency)
 Life insurance-Surrogate (estimate on a $200,000 term life policy) $300
TOTAL COST - TOTAL Estimated Fees for Surrogacy: $73,000.00-$97,000.00

Variable Costs and other Cost Considerations:
(Not all will apply in every situation)

Surrogates compensation for lost wages or childcare/babysitting-(only at doctor's order-cap)   $0.00 - $250/wk
Average charge if surrogate has a C-section   $0.00 - $2,000
Amniocentesis, CVS, D&C, selective reduction, cerclage, abortion compensation to surrogate (per procedure)   $0.00 - $1,000
Average charge if surrogate is carrying twins   $0.00 - $5,000
Surrogates Travel Expenses for IVF/ Transfer Procedure   $1,500 - $3,000
Mock Cycle Fee (If the Surrogate is required to undergo a "trial cycle" (she will take cycle medications to test for uterine lining and hormone response.)   $400
Genetic Testing, PGD, Gender Select   $4,000
Medical Expenses For Delivery (depending on the surrogate insurance and coverage.)   $3,000
Dropped Cycle Fee:   $500


Timing of Payments

Step 1 - Official Match

Once you and your Surrogate agree to work together, you will be considered "officially matched." It is at that time that you will be required to sign the Gestational Surrogate Service Agreement. You also will be referred to a law firm to represent you in the gestational Surrogate contract between you and your Surrogate. You will be required to sign the Agreement for Legal Services at the law firm. In order to secure your match, you will need to:

- Sign and return the Gestational Carrier Service Agreement

- Sign and return the Agreement for Legal Services

- Pay the:

  Agency fee   $18,000
  Legal Fees for Intended Parents   $2,500
  Trust Account Management Fee   $500
  TOTAL   $21,000
  Provide an Initial Trust Account Deposit   $2,000

(The initial deposit will be used to pay the Surrogate's attorney fee of $700 and to cover any expenses incurred by the Surrogate prior to the trust account being fully funded.)

Please note that unlike most surrogacy agencies, you will not be required to pay any fees to Cori's, Inc. unless and until you have met with your Surrogate and you and she agree to work together. In other words, you will not have any financial obligation unless and until you are completely satisfied with your Surrogate match.

Step 2 - Screening & Contract

Upon the receipt of the items listed above, Cori's, Inc. will notify your IVF clinic that you have been matched with a Surrogate. You will then be contacted by your IVF clinic to pay the clinic's screening fees. While clinics vary, most will review your Surrogate's paperwork before you will have to pay the screening fees. However, your Surrogate will not be fully screened until you have paid the screening fees. On average, the screening fees are paid approximately 3 to 6 weeks after you are officially matched.

At the same time that the clinic is moving forward with you Surrogate's screening, you will receive the gestational Surrogate agreement from the Law Firm you choose. You will be asked to fund the trust account to cover the Surrogate's fee and expenses when that contract is signed by both parties. You should expect that you will need to fund the trust account approximately 4 to 8 weeks after you are officially matched.

Step 3 - The IVF Cycle

After the Surrogate's screening is complete and the gestational Surrogate contract is signed, your clinic will schedule the IVF Cycle. The clinic will not allow the cycle to start until you have paid the IVF cycle fee at the clinic. You should expect to pay this fee approximately 2 to 4 months after you are officially matched.

Just before your cycle begins, you likely will receive a call from a pharmacy to pay for the costs of the medications needed for the cycle. Medications are typically paid directly by the intended parents to the pharmacy.

Step 4 - Pre-Birth Order Work

You will be contacted by your law firm after the first trimester of the pregnancy to begin the legal work to obtain a pre-birth order. You will be invoiced for those legal fees at that time.


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