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A wonderful feeling
I would like to tell you a little bit about my experience as a surrogate through Cori's agency. I met with Cori's in January of 2000,with the hope of becoming a surrogate, by late February I was matched with a couple. I spent a year working with that couple without ever becoming pregnant, very disappointing but Cori's was right there to reassure me that I had done everything right and to answer any question I might have. They worked very hard to get me matched again and with great success! I just recently delivered twins and what a wonderful feeling, the parents were so excited, I never thought it would have such an effect on me, it was the greatest feeling of success. And to see the love and appreciation that the parents were feeling is just indescribable. I would have to say short of the birth of my own children this was and still is the best feeling I have ever had. To anyone pondering the idea of becoming a surrogate I would have to say you couldn't give anyone a better gift and Cori's is there to help you through your journey.
Amazing and truly wonderful experience
The birth of Catherine on August 17, 2001, has given the word "Family" new meaning. Strangers brought together to bring this angel into the world by gestational surrogacy, have also found lasting friendship in one another. Carrying and delivering Catherine has brought so much more happiness to my life. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends whom supported myself through this amazing and truly wonderful experience. You will be blessed as I have been.
Really and truly unexplainable
My experience as a surrogate is really and truly unexplainable. It’s an emotional roller coaster that leaves you feeling the most complete and satisfying feeling in the end, short of having your own family. I had been a successful egg donor, but I wanted to help couples in a more personal and bonding way. When I told Cori it was time to take that step, she had me matched within weeks, and my ride began! Now, I wont lie and say its all easy and fun, its not! Anyone can have a different experience with surrogacy, just like with any pregnancy. They are all different! Some easy and fun and some difficult! But in the end, no matter how easy or how hard the pregnancy, the feeling you get knowing you just helped someone fulfill a dream, everything you go through doesn’t matter. There is nothing like handing a baby to his/her parents and seeing their faces light up with pure love and joy and knowing you had a very important roll in that happiness. Cori has been a huge help and support line for me. I would never have done this without her in my corner. It doesn’t matter what your fear, doubts, or anxiety deals you. Cori is always there with the right words and support you need! And she always does it with a smile. Being a surrogate with Cori’s agency has been one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of my life. For any woman out there thinking of signing up with Cori to be a surrogate couldn’t ask for a more supportive, caring agency. I would tell any woman out there thinking of surrogacy she should keep in mind that you are about to make a huge decision that will be so meaningful that you will walk away from this experience with new friends and a feeling of great satisfaction. There is nothing like it!

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