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Parent Testimonials
Forever grateful
"It's such an incredible gift, and it's really impossible to put into words what it means to us. It's awe-inspiring and priceless. I don't think that words can describe what the birth was like for me. It was wonderful to have our baby handed to me by our surrogate, to receive that gift. I immediately had skin-to-skin contact with my baby for an hour after her birth. It was all such a unique process and so exciting, and exhilarating. Of course the process was at times a bit stressful, but, it was all worth it."
Good natured, cost-effective
My wife and I were intimidated at the prospect of starting the surrogacy process. We felt overwhelmed by the numerous legalities that needed to be ironed out. We were referred to Cori's by our fertility specialist. After our first meeting we were immediately put at ease and felt confident that all of the formalities would be handled in a professional manner. Not having to devote our energy to locating a lawyer or setting the various appointments required for a cycle allowed us to focus on the pregnancy and prepare for the arrival of our baby. We never felt as though we were dealing with an "agency". We not only ended up with a beautiful baby we have made a life-long friends who have been an indispensable help to us throughout our difficult infertility journey.
Chuck & Alice
Honesty and Commitment
What we like about Cori's Egg Donor Services was their honesty and commitment. Cori's spent countless hours on the phone with us. I highly recommend Cori's Egg Donor Services!
John & Kathy
It feels great
I have thought about this problem not being able to have children of my own for a long time. I love children and I want children of my own. Well, some can’t have children without the help from others. And that is why I decided to become an egg donor. I wanted to help someone with the greatest gift of all. It is not an easy decision and you have to sacrifice parts of yourself for someone else. It feels great to be able to do that.
Loved working with Cori
Through Cori's Egg Donor Services we met our Surrogate. Our Surrogate is fantastic. We've loved working with Cori's. They're always there to help.
Eric & Lisa
made someone's dream come true
We have the most special relationship with my couple! I must say that carrying a baby for another couple was truly a major highlight for me in my lifetime. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. The whole thing was just awesome and your service was wonderful. It feels really good knowing I have just made someone's dream come true.
Our dreams come true
Thank you so much for making our dreams come true. You do the most important work in the world and we will NEVER forget you and all your hard work!
Pleasure working with you
It is such a pleasure working with you. Thank you so much for your kindness. You are definitely helping this be a happy experience.
Set apart from others
The thing that set's you apart from others in this type of business is that you truly care about the people that you deal with and that you want everything to work out and for everyone to have a happy ending. You have been a Godsend to us at a time when our lives could have been quite sad.
Thank you for everything
As hard as it is to actually go through all of this, you made this entire process as smoother as possible. You truly care about your clients and the service that you provide. Thank you for everything. We couldn't have done it without you!
Truly does care
Cori's Egg Donor & Surrogate Services truly does care about their clients and the service that they provide.
Andrew & Dorian
Very easy to work with
None of this would be possible without you. Thank you for ALL you do and for being there to support us and our Donor. You've been very easy to work with. You are a special person and deserve all of life's best.
Very high character
You are a person of very high character. Thank you for your guidance and for holding my hand through the entire process.
Very Professional
Cori's Egg Donor Services was very professional - she always made herself available to answer any questions we had and was very helpful in guiding us throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend her services.
Paul & Sherry
Wonderful new friend
I don't feel as if I have been dealing with an agency. Instead I feel like I have made a wonderful new friend who has been an indispensable help during this difficult infertility journey.

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