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Cori's Egg Donor & Surrogate Services has evolved to assist women who are unable to use their own oocyte (eggs) and/or carry a pregnancy. Cori's Egg Donor & Surrogate Services is known for having a great selection of Surrogates to choose from & for the personal support they provide to the Intended Parents and the Surrogate.

The type of in-depth information available about our Surrogates includes:

Photos of the Surrogate or Egg Donor and her children (if applicable).

A measure of her intelligence determined by SAT scores and/or her GPA, plus her educational background.

An extensive medical, genetic, and career history going back three generations.

A close look at her family members, their careers and lifestyles.

Short essays written by the Surrogate.

Extensive personal interview.

All of our Surrogates must go through an extensive screening process, which includes both psychological testing and medical screening. HIV & STD tests are standard protocol for all of our Surrogates, once a candidate is chosen.

The most common reason for becoming a Surrogate is "to help others." Other motivations to become a Surrogate include:

An opportunity to feel special
Importance of their children in their lives
Opportunity to make a unique contribution; to make a difference
Financial gain for her family
Knows someone who has been through infertility treatment; empathy for childless couples

The first in-vitro fertilization baby was born in July of 1978. Twenty plus years after the first in-vitro fertilization, over 500,000 children around the world owe their lives to the once-revolutionary procedure.

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